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1Tac HL1200 Headlamp - 1Tac Flashlight With Real CREE XM-L2 LED! Reviews, Features

Posted on September 9 2020, 13:24pm

Categories: #E-Commerce

For most backpackers, hikers, travelers, and adventurers, a headlamp is a vital tool. And even at home, a quality headlamp will influence be a very convenient tool. The market is filled with numerous brands of headlights but finding a reliable one is usually the task. In this piece, we have a tendency to are going to look at the HL1200 Headlamp, a high-quality headlamp made by 1Tac.

What is the 1Tac HL1200 Headlamp?

The HL 1200 maybe a headlamp sold online through survival gear retailer 1Tac.com. The headlamp promises to be “your best alternative for hiking, climbing, or seeing your means through a disaster scenario.”

The headlamp comes equipped with a 1200 Lumen Cree LED bulb (which is where the name HL 1200 comes from).

Are headlamps very that necessary in a survival situation? 1Tac.com really says that “shopping for an excellent powerful headlamp is the #one survival answer during a crisis”. So yes, in the eyes of 1Tac.com, headlamps are terribly necessary.

Let’s take a look at some of the features on this lamp to assist you to opt if it’s worth your money.

Specification Regarding the Product:

  • Battery box and charger: The product comes with a battery box, that includes a charger too. It uses 18650 rechargeable batteries. This feature is very handy when you would like to charge the device before happening long trips.
  • 90-Degree Tilt: The headlight encompasses a fully adjustable angle that makes it convenient to use for an increased vary of lighting.
  • Batteries Included: The product comes with two 18650 lithium rechargeable batteries.
  • 2000x Zoom: Another fantastic feature of the headlight is its uncommon zoom facet. You can zoom in any environment to focus on any object.
  • 3-approach Adjustable Headband: The headlamp has an adjustable headband that creates it super convenient to use for anyone.
  • Concentrated Convex Lens: The merchandise features a convex lens, that makes it a lot brighter.

What Sets HL1200 Apart from Similar Merchandise?

The first thing that sets this world-class flashlight apart needs to be the 1200 Lumens that produce serious-level brightness. Very few brands are in a position to realize this rating. On average, the HL1200 is up to 25 times brighter than traditional headlamps. Moreover, in contrast to competitor merchandise, this headlamp maintains constant brightness for extended periods. The second is the IP65 standard rating which means that that the sunshine is shielded from water and mud.

Again, unlike different products, the 1Tac HL1200 is highly immune to wear. Materials utilized in making its shield from scratches, impacts, corrosion, and drops. It also has the overheat protection function which also contributes to its durability. It additionally has three powerful light-weight modes (Medium, High, and Strobe), which most competitors don’t have.

On their official website, the manufacturer says that they are currently offering a 75% discount, in addition to, free shipping on the HL1200. Take advantage of this offer while it is still offered and acquire yourself this reliable and sturdy.

1Tac HL1200 Headlamp Pricing

As we mentioned at the top, 1Tac.com is selling the headlamp at a 75% discount – at least, that’s what they claim.

1Tac.com states that this headlamp normally sells for $279.80. But just because they’re nice people (I guess?), they’re set to sell the headlamps for $69.95 each. You also get free shipping.

In reality, we couldn’t realize any proof that the HL 120zero ever sold for $279.80. That high worth range is usually solely reserved for the heaviest of industrial quality headlamps. Most individuals cannot afford to spend nearly $300 on a headlamp – particularly a medium-budget possibility headlamp just like the HL1200 Headlamp.

In any case, here’s how pricing works out:

  • 1 Lamp: $69.95
  • 2 Lamps: $125.90
  • 3 Lamps: $179.97
  • 5 Lamps: $279.75
  • 10 Lamps: $459.50

After you purchase 10 headlamps, the price per lamp never drops below $45.95 per lamp.

You can currently only purchase the HL 1200 Headlamp using the online ordering type at 1Tac.com, that has HTTPS encryption and accepts payments through all major credit cards.

Customer Reviews:

  • User 1: This headlight is terribly powerful and bright. I use it mainly for work purposes.
  • User 2: I ordered them 2 weeks ago, and it arrived fast. I’m happy with the headlight. It’s worth the price. I actually have placed an order for my sister too.
  • User 3: My family loves to travel on hikes. I actually have ordered 2 of these. I saw the headlamp at a lover’s house and loved the options. Ordered them instantly. It works amazingly well — a complete must-purchase product.

1Tac HL1200 Headlamp can be used outdoors for hiking and camping functions. It’s a bright light-weight and sharp option for you to carry it with you anywhere you go. It is lightweight and completely waterproof. Its high-quality material makes it durable and long-lasting.

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