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CoolFeel Max (Reviews 2020) - Best Portable Neck Cooler! Working, Scam & Price

Posted on July 18 2020, 19:54pm

Categories: #E-Commerce

CoolFeel Max Reviews - People everywhere throughout the world would like a very little cool air in hot seasons, some individuals might say for what reason will there be a hot season. I'm here to let you recognize another inventive item that can help you thru the summer.

I give you CoolFeel Max a gadget that is designed to stay you with consistent cool air each time you turn it ON, anyplace you're and whenever.

Kindly browse through this article to urge acquainted with CoolFeel Max. A lot of respect to you…

What is CoolFeel Max Portable Neck Cooler?

With the warmth of the summer and the many crowded public places, everyone could stand to get very little relief currently and then. While several facilities have their AC on high, there are some places where this adjustment just is not enough. Whether on a jog or obtaining stuck in traffic,  the CoolFeel Max provides an easy manner to remain comfy.

According to the official website, with “instant air cooling technology,” Cool Feel Max lets consumers flow into the air around them with a friend that hangs around the neck. Shaped sort of a pair of headphones, the fan pushes air through every end, and it can still run in any quite weather or temperature. Cooling off the neck is an effective way to stay the complete body cool, providing a breeze along the neck which will become hotter as the day goes on. The contemporary air is nice for any activity, and therefore the device runs at a coffee enough volume that no one can be disturbed by the sound.

Though the lithium battery is meant for long-term use, recharging doesn't take abundant time between uses with the included micro USB cable. It is not heavy or cumbersome, and it is small enough to pack with any travel gear or gym bag.

How Does the Coolfeel Max Neck Fan Work?

We just need to put the device around the neck with the heads oriented in the manner that most closely fits us. When we tend to connect the Coolfeel Max neck fan, the air can start to come back out around our head and face, cooling right down to the cervical area.

How to Use CoolFeel Max?

CoolFeel Max is terribly easy to use, simply charge it then place it around your neck and flip it ON. You can set the cooling speed to Low/Medium/High, but remember that the speed at which you run this gadget will verify how long it can last.

What I mean is when you set it to low the power it uses cannot be compared to when you set it to high. Therefore in less hot times, you'll set it on low, to run for a longer amount of your time and still give you that cool steady flow of air.

Highlights of CoolFeel Max Neck Cooler:

  • Quick Charge - CoolFeel Max utilizes a USB Cable that helps in charging it, when some minutes of charging, you can create use of the device.
  • Cooling Technology - This gadget is planned with a cooling innovation that provides you the ability to get cool air the instant you turn it on.
  • Lightweight and Portable - CoolFeel Max is structured with a neck-droop vogue that provides you the comfort you need, you will not notice it on your neck since it's thus weightless and compact.
  • Eco-Friendly - Cool Feel Max can be used anyplace and whenever. When you feel hot, simply bring it out and hand it on your neck then turn it on. It uses a leaf-less fan innovation that has no risk and eco-friendly.
  • Battery - CoolFeel Max uses a lithium battery that lasts for a terribly while. It charges quick and serves for a substantial length of your time of nonstop use.

CoolFeel Max User Reviews and Experiences:

I have a similar model, and at minimum power, it does not show a lot of. I do not apprehend how this powerful model can be, however, the opposite finishes up very so much from the top and is diluted, more power is required.

I use an addict of this kind for the neck in summer, once I go out for a walk and the truth is that it shows, you sweat less and the actual fact of being cooler helps to take care of the trouble.

What Makes CoolFeel Max so Special?

A ton of things build CoolFeel Max Special, the very fact that it's made out of high-quality materials and still sold at an occasional price is just stunning.

CoolFeel Max incorporates double wind head fans, long-lasting battery, and fashionable Neck-hand design. It may look like a headset when worn on the neck.

Most individuals hate feeling hot, and typically get upset. The need for a very little cool air when going for an out of doors activity is required by many, that's why CoolFeel Max is here for you.

You'll be able to do all types of outside fun activities with these devices on your neck, like going shopping, strolling, hiking, exercising, and therefore a lot of additional.

During the new season, it terribly vital to remain hydrated and chilled. Having a cool breeze around your neck will build you forget how hot the temperature is and keep you in a good mood. Now, you'll be able to take that walk along with your children and go to figure without experiencing such harsh temperatures.

How to Buy CoolFeel Max Portable Cooler?

The  Cool Feel Max cooler is presently available with free delivery for every purchase that's created right now. Plus, the website has an incentive to induce fiftyp.c off the purchase. For $59 (marked down from $118), consumers will get one of those personal coolers.

To replenish with additional of the private coolers, the user can save on the price per item with one amongst the larger packages, that embrace:

  • 2 CoolFeel Max coolers for $89
  • 3 CoolFeel Max coolers for $109
  • 4 CoolFeel Max coolers for $129
  • 5 CoolFeel Max coolers for $149

The CoolFeel Max Refund & Return states that if this cooler does not meet the requirements of the user, they can send it back with a return authorization number for a full refund.


From what we have read up till this time, we have a tendency to can agree that CoolFeel Max is a wise device to have this hot season.

“I love the fan. I use it consistently to go to the exercise center since I get hot there. It holds up well indeed and makes me stay cool. I am passionate about it” This declaration is from one amongst the users who opt to buy CoolFeel Max to battle the heat.

We know it's difficult to stay removed from the increased electric bills caused by the constant usage of air conditioners and they solely serve you indoor, however with CoolFeel Max, you'll take it anywhere with you, it doesn't depend on power offer and it's terribly easy to use.

Therefore what are you waiting for, get one for yourself, and start to appreciate consistent cool air even in this hot period.


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