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OxyBreath Pro {Updated 2020} - Dust Free Breathing Mask Reviews, Cost?

Posted on February 1 2020, 10:33am

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The deadly Coronavirus continues to spread around the planet. Fortunately, some firms have started to take action. Today, we're reviewing the OxyBreath Pro mask.

The new “premium face mask” guarantees to guard wearers from harmful bacteria and micro-particles within the air.

The mask fits comfortably over your face. It's additionally surprisingly stylish: it's obtainable in a sleek black color rather than the traditional blue color seen on other face masks.

The goal of OxyBreath Pro, per the official web site, is “to keep you and your loved ones safe without spending a fortune.”

Let's take a closer take a look at what the OxyBreath Pro Face Mask is and how it works.

What is OxyBreath Pro Face Mask?

The want for clean air may be a constant one, however the constant evolution of businesses and new corporations in cities is creating an even bigger issue in the setting. Even just taking a deep breath is somehow turning into hazardous to the health of some consumers, particularly in busy cities. As the old saying goes, you can go weeks while not food, days while not water but solely minutes without air. It hardly appears price risking personal health however the OxyBreath Pro aims to help by launching as a replacement 'Highly Effective Anti-Pollution Clean Air Respiration Mask' consistent with its official sales page.

This face mask is meant to protect the nose and mouth from inhaling harmful bacteria and micro-particles within the setting, making pure and healthy air with every single breath. OxyBreath Pro is positioned to supply defense against viruses and allergens in addition to filtering the air with its PM two.5 nanotechnology dirt-free air filter to avoid threatening risks of breathing impairment. With respiratory issues being therefore ever-gift for shoppers in urban areas, it is exhausting to find a manner to stop illness in its tracks, but the use of this anti-pollution face mask could facilitate.

Why You Should Opt for Oxybreath Pro™??

No one wants to suffer from harmful airborne diseases and allergies. Wearing a mask that protects you from the disease-inflicting air may be a must. What better than pollution mask that has triple-layer technology to capture even the tiniest of the particles? OxyBreathe Pro Face Mask™? is meant using the material that serves multiple benefits use, and not like alternative covers, it's safe for the surroundings. OxyBreath Pro Mask is Now with 50% Off!

Different pollution masks are created of skinny cloth material that does not even stop the thick particles from passing during this mask, whereas OxyBreathe Pro™? is designed in such a way that the tiny and minute microbes or particles cannot slip within the duvet. The price of this advanced pollution mask is more cheap than different masks.

OxyBreath Pro face Mask Features:

This mask was made to be comfy, along with designed to form sure that you have got the most effective protection against pollution and viruses. We have a tendency to can't understate the importance of a mask like this, therefore we will give you a very little reality about bound locations which will highlight how severe of an issue this can be.

Did you recognize that after regarding one hour on a plane, you are basically simply respiratory everyone else's breath? The air is merely circulated. All it takes is for one person to be sick, and they will get all other passengers unwell further.

How several times have you heard regarding somebody going on vacation and obtaining sick there or obtaining sick once they come back home. That's as a result of of planes. They're an extreme example, however malls, airports, and even office buildings recirculate air, and that can get everybody sick.

Here are all the OxyBreath Pro options:

  1. Comfortable Style
  2. Full Nose and Mouth Coverage
  3. Protects against Allergens, Bacteria, and the Cold
  4. Nano-Tech Allows for Amazing Filtration
  5. Lightweight Style
  6. Washable and Reuse-able

How to Use OxyBreathe Pro™??

Whenever you go out, create positive to wear an OxyBreathe Pro Mask™? mask and cowl your nose and mouth with it. You'll comfortably wear it by placing the straps around your ears.

You need not wash it usually. However if you would like to clean it, you'll easily wash it off with water because it dries out quickly, and it can be reused.

How Much Will OxyBreath Pro Mask Cost?

OxyBreath Pro is priced at $49 a piece, though further discounts are out there when buying in bulk. It's easy to induce confused with the uncommon pricing system, thus here's how it breaks down:

  • 1 Mask: $49 + Free Shipping
  • 2 Masks: $69 + Free Shipping
  • 3 Masks: $98 + Free Shipping
  • 4 Masks: $123 + Free Shipping
  • 5 Masks: $135 + Free Shipping

The additional masks you purchase, the less you will pay. Shipping is included with every order.

You can conjointly spend an extra $9 for a 3 year warranty on your mask, though it's not totally clear how that warranty works.

The OxyBreath Pro sales page accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal.

Is OxyBreath Pro Worth the value?

Do a reverse image search on the photos of OxyBreath Pro. You may notice that Novads has merely rebranded a cheap facemask available from other retailers on-line for underneath $7.

Joom, for example, lists an identical mask for just $5. That mask appearance exactly the same as OxyBreath Pro: it uses the identical filtration system and has the same PM 2.5 rating. In reality, even the promotional images are identical. As so much as we tend to can tell, this is the exact same mask.

In alternative words, the creators of OxyBreath Pro appear to have taken a cheap face-mask, increased the price, and sold the mask at a hefty premium on-line (the OxyBreath Pro Face Mask sells for $50 a piece, whereas different retailers sell it for less than $5).

How to Order OxyBreath Pro Mask?

It's very straightforward to order, and when all, we have a tendency to want you to be safe, so we're more than happy to steer you thru the process.

All you have to do is begin by clicking any of the links on this page. They're take you right to the official OxyBreath Pro website. From there, just choose how several masks you'd prefer to order, then offer them your basic info.

Within just a few days, they're going to arrive at your house, and you can start going into focused public areas confident that you have the best breathing protection wanting a bio-hazard suit!


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