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Procharge Survival Flashlight {Reviews 2020} - Military Grade Lights by American Gunner!

Posted on March 12 2020, 21:05pm

Categories: #E-Commerce

Procharge Survival Flashlight Reviews - When the sun offers a way to the night you can be in some bit of bother if you are not in a well-lit space. You may be within the comfort of your home however want to induce one thing from the attic or repair a blown bulb. You may be moving around and you wish some emergency lighting. If you're in would like of some powerful lighting then you need to think about the choices.

In any of these things, you would like to have a lightweight that packs enough light in it. You also want to urge a light that's compact enough to store in your glove compartment or stash in your jeans pocket. Should you be thinking in these lines then please take into account the Procharge Survival Flashlight.


What is Procharge Survival Flashlight?

Tactical grade flashlights were originally utilized by soldiers, marksmen, and law enforcement officers to simultaneously aim a weapon and illuminate their target. Not only will it have a high-power beam, but it’s conjointly created of high-quality and durable materials. Procharge Survival Flashlight is one of the brightest tactical flashlights in the market as a result of the LED technology. The zoom-mode will be adjusted to up to 2000x and will illuminate up to 7000 lumens, therefore, it’s 24 times brighter than regular flashlights. It’s even considered one among the brightest tactical flashlight today.

Procharge Flashlight Summary:

The Procharge Survival Flashlight could be a premium and exclusive tactical flashlight. It hit off all the features we were trying for in our Procharge Survival Flashlight Reviews and can highly recommend it if you are fascinated by having a Procharge Survival Flashlight.

This flashlight is ultra sturdy with its military-grade aluminum build. It incorporates a brightness of 800 lumens which the up to three times that of normal flashlights and will arguably be one in all the brightest flashlights out there.

It conjointly contains a zoom function which allows you to change the scope of the light beam plus a few different features.

If you're curious about obtaining one of these for yourself, you can sample it out at their official web site.

How Procharge Survival Flashlight Works?

According to the Smarter Consumer Tips website, that is promoting this product, nearly 95percent of American households are simply not ready for even the most basic emergency scenario as a result of they have previous, outdated, weak flashlights at home. And while this could not appear like a major problem, it truly can be.

Though most folks usually only suppose they need a flashlight when the ability goes out at home, or if you're looking for something below the bed or behind the dresser, the truth is that flashlights can truly be lifesaving tools. The website says to contemplate a scenario where you are stuck on the facet of the road in an exceedingly remote space or are trying to alert rescue or emergency staff in a natural disaster. A basic store-bought flashlight can be no facilitate in that situation whatsoever.

A tactical flashlight just like the Procharge Survival Flashlight is thus powerful that it is utilized by firemen, cops, hunters, campers, and military forces. The website says that it emits a “huge seventy0 lumens of sunshine” and can be seen nearly 2 miles away. Moreover, it's created from materials that could simply stand up to an accident or other disaster.


Benefits of the Procharge Survival Flashlight:

The Procharge Survival Flashlight could be a bright flashlight that provides additional than 800 lumens of brightness. It is ready to throw this powerful beam up to 500 meters away. You have the ability to alter the zoom with 5 totally different variations. X1, x250, x500, x1000, and x2000.

The Procharge Survival Flashlight is just 5.9 cm long making it nicely compact to fit in anywhere you wish it to. Though tiny, it is a lethal tool that's in a position to interrupt through glass if you need to free yourself from a place you are stuck in. It's only two hundred grams heavy however maintains its strength despite being compact.

It features a variety of sunshine modes as well as strobe and SOS modes to help throughout emergencies. These are other than the traditional light beam. The flashlight releases ten watts of power from its powerful LED bulb.


  • The flashlight is compact and has a smart weight
  • It’s waterproof and includes a metal belt clip
  • It comes with three operating modes
  • It’s simple to use and versatile

These Minor Problems Aren’t Deal Breakers:

  • It doesn’t come back with the instruction
  • The pocket clip isn’t reversible

All in all, the flashlight could be a nice bang for your buck, regardless of the minor issues that return along.

Procharge Survival Flashlight Pricing:

Procharge Survival Flashlight is sold separately, however why purchase just one? A flashlight is a crucial irrespective of where you go. You should invariably have one in your home, in your car’s glove compartment, or at your workplace. It’s additionally a great gift for your family and friends as a result of it shows that you look after their safety. Click the button below to order and acquire a special discount from us! This supply is exclusive for our ReviewPadho readers solely and you won’t find it elsewhere.

If you buy 3, you’ll get 2 free using the button higher than. You'll be able to conjointly get 2 Procharge Survival Flashlight and obtain one free. There also are other selections if you wish to purchase 1, 2, 4, or 10 flashlights. Get the most effective tactical flashlight currently before it sells out!


Overall Review:

I am completely in love with this flashlight! It’s small enough to be comfortably held by one hand, but still durable enough to last for a very long time. This light-weight tactical flashlight packs a punch as a result of its extremely bright beam. And, the worth is totally worth it considering that, with correct care, it will in all probability last a lifetime. Overall, this can be one in every of the most effective and brightest tactical flashlights I even have ever used.

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