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Rugged Outdoor Headlamp - Ultra Bright Tactical Lamp Reviews 2020! Cost

Posted on June 21 2020, 12:39pm

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Headlamps are an awesome tool for the night adventurer in us all. Whether you run trails in the dark, bike home from the night shift, journey through caves, fish once dark, or just need a headlamp in case of an emergency late-night tire-change, having one among these things is handy, safe, and simply a heap of fun. There are some features out there that you would like to look for that will make your searching expertise so a lot easier.

For example, observe the lumens. This tells you ways intensely light-weight is returning from the supply. However, you furthermore may like to look past the lumens. Almost a lot of vital is how long your lamp goes to shine light-weight on the subject. Not everyone goes to wish a blazing 350 lumens, so rummage around for alternative qualities like beam distance, battery life, size and weight of the headlamp, and in fact price. No one wants to wear a serious, power-guzzling lamp on their head, this potency is vital.

The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp could be a splendidly innovative lamp that gives new features that make it stand out from the pack. Not solely will it have extreme luminosity, it additionally allows you to focus the sunshine, and the swiveling head makes it easy to change the light's direction. There is a universal fastener included that permits you to use the lamp in all types of ways and expands the probabilities for application of the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp.

There are three straps on the headlamp, and this further strap provides thus a lot of more stability, which provides you the liberty to actually move around without worrying regarding the lamp falling out of place. The moveable lights are made by Leatherman Tool Group, and their brightness and long-life make them a number of the most effective. The vibrance of this light-weight is praised by consumers and has been compared to sunlight in its intensity. They run on AA batteries, but if you're trying to save lots of a little cash then you'll be able to use rechargeable.

What's It Like Running With the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp?

Having a hyper-light-weight headlamp just like the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp, that solely weighs 50g, has its blessings, including extra comfort and 0 bounce while running. A lightweight headlamp is additionally a lot of convenient to stow away and carry in your hydration pack whereas you're not using it. The Rugged Headlamp has these edges however due to its smaller battery, it is not the simplest headlamp for ultrarunners who will be running for over half-dozen hours through the night. The battery will last around three hours with its brightest setting of 200 lumens and although there are more lighting modes as well as a LO beam which will increase battery life to 40 hours, I wouldn't suggest running trails with this setting as you'll have a hard time seeing things like rocks, roots, and dips in the paths.

The headlamp can be simply adjusted by pulling the 2 plastic cinches on either side of the headband towards the front of your head to create it tighter, and towards the back of your head to create it looser.

Who This Rugged Outdoor Headlamp Suits?

This is an ultralight and compact headlamp, that could be carried anywhere, anytime. It would suit all kinds of outdoorsmen, hikers, hunters, bushcrafters, mountaineers, path runners, and campers. Great for kids too. It's the sort of lamp you would like to keep shut at hand the least bit times. It might be in a pack, automobile, country cabin, or simply in your pocket.

How Comfortable is This Rugged Outdoor Headlamp?

The headlamp solely weighs 50g (that's nearly 20g but the HeadLamp 330), which is insanely lightweight for a running headlamp. This makes the whole expertise of running with a headlamp thus much a lot of enjoyable.

Within the past, it wasn't uncommon to urge a headache from wearing a headlamp as a result of you'd be required to over-tighten the band in order to cut back the bounce, thanks to the load of the battery on the front.

The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp uses a moisture-wicking sweatband (pictured on top of), that keeps the sweat off your face while adding to the overall comfort of carrying the headlamp.

Is That The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp Waterproof?

The Rugged Headlamp is IPX4 rated which means it's waterproof and will be worn in the rain but Rugged does not recommend using it for extended periods of your time, in an exceedingly downpour for instance.


The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp could be a snug and well-engineered rechargeable headlamp ideal for active sports where you need hands free lighting to indicate you the means.  It's tailor-created for trail running where you would like a light-weight that won't bounce around on your forehead and has flood and spot modes so you can see where you are going before you get there. It is also accessible in multiple colors, dead straightforward to use, and makes a great gift, especially for folks new to rechargeable headlamps.

Despite its ergonomic style, there is nothing technically superior concerning the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp that makes it any better than a lot of the other rechargeable headlamps I own or have tried within the past. At $49.99, I suppose it is also on the expensive side, however that is usually true of any headlamp sold during a brick and mortar outdoor grocery store like REI or EMS.

If you are a hiker or backpacker, you'll get by with a much less expensive headlamp, since you actually solely want it for cooking within the dark, going to the lavatory, reading in your tent, or sitting around a campfire, where a red mode helps you avoid blinding your companions. But, if you probably did need a headlamp for an emergency or for the rare case where you've been benighted and have to hike after dark, my preference would be to hold a brighter headlamp with a lot of longer-lasting battery like the less costly Nitecore NU32 (see our review). While the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp may otherwise be satisfactory for coaching and forays shut to home, my preference would be to use a chargeable headlamp with a battery that lasts longer and throws a brighter beam.


I actually have a little question the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp is a smart lamp for nearly any outside enthusiast. Offering two hundred lumens for three hours at just 50 grams is extremely nice! It would conjointly create a smart emergency headlamp to stay in your ride - finding AAA batteries during a forest can be challenging, however, if you get there by automobile your vehicle is stuffed with juice to high up your lamp several, many times. So if you enjoy hiking, camping, mountaineering, etc. and you're in the market for a multipurpose compact headlamp, this one should definitely end up on your shortlist.


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