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Survival Frog TACT Bivvy {Reviews 2020} - Emergency 2.0 Survival Sleeping Bag! Price

Posted on May 11 2020, 16:47pm

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Survival Frog TACT Bivvy sleeping bags are super lightweight, emergency-proof, and sturdy enough to carry up under extreme water or wind conditions. Designed to carry up below any state of affairs, the TACT Bivvy emergency bag is color in a bright orange to ensure that rescuers will quickly and simply find you. Including taped seams and the ability to compress into a terribly tiny sack, the Tact Bivvy bag allows you to affordably, simply carry the unit with you anywhere you go - whereas additionally reflecting a lot of than ninety% of body heat right back onto you.

Survival Frog TACT Bivvy: A Must-Have Survival Tool

Allowing campers, survivalists, and preppers to hold the bag to be used on its own or as a liner for another sleeping bag, this unit could be a should have for anyone who plans to be outdoors overnight. Including taped seams and windproof and waterproof design, the unit is lightweight and sturdy. Invented by NASA, the material used to stay you heat in this bag is stronger than alternative sleeping baggage - and will protect you in the foremost dangerous of conditions.

Our Analysis and Check Results:

The TACT 2.0 bivvy is actually a more purposeful and protecting emergency blanket. When emergency blankets are challenging to use, refold, and cover your entire body, the Frog TACT has been cut and taped into the form of a bivy sack. There are several redeeming features of this bivy but should not be considered equals to alternative emergency bivys like the SOL Escape Bivvy as it is durable enough to be thought of reusable. The Frog TACT has the potential to be destroyed from simply one use, depending on the environment. The polyester film was simply stretched or punctured by twigs/rocks.

Weather Resistance:

When it came to precipitation, the Frog TACT did a reasonably good job of keeping us dry. The fabric itself, a reflective polyester film, was indeed waterproof. The sole time we felt that precipitation was making it within the bag is once we would wake to the entrance/exit opening flapping within the wind. There wasn't a means to secure it or cinch it closed apart from just rolling it up. Maybe bring some chip clips to stay the Doritos bag sealed? When compared to the opposite ultralight emergency bivy we have a tendency to tested, the SOL Escape, we did find the Frog Tact to be a small amount additional water-tight, but with some huge drawbacks.


If you are wanting for a night of plush comfort and relaxation, try the Outside Research Helium or Alpine. Compared to the Frog Tact, you'll feel as if nothing could bite you. The Frog Tact is for the intrepid few. It collected additional condensation than any other model, it didn't have a closure system, and it absolutely was terribly loud and crinkly in high wind. All of these things cut into our night of sleep. There isn't any hiding the very fact that this is an extreme minimalist bivy, however that it's better than not having anything in the slightest degree. It kept the rain off our back, and while it made a fair quantity of noise within the wind and rain, it was sufficient protection from the weather.

Windproof and Waterproof:

Designed to keep even the harshest, coldest weather out of your bag, the Bivvy protects all users from difficult conditions. Created kind material meant to stay astronauts safe in the outer area, the Survival Frog TACT Bivvy is taped at the seams to stay out any cold weather. Waterproof and windproof, this unit is the safest design for individuals who might be at risk of exposure.

Tact Bivvy Reviews:

Survivalists everywhere claim that the Bivvy is one of the best sleeping baggage obtainable. Not solely are they safe and warm, however, they last forever - and solely cost $twenty, putting them at one in all the cheapest costs for a bag of this quality. One user keeps at least 2 bags with him in any respect times, being a frequent traveler to cold areas. He finds it is best to keep one in his pack and one in his car in case of emergencies. When camping out in snowy, harsh climates, he uses the Bivvy to safeguard himself from ice and cold weather that would injury his health if he stayed outside too long.

Another user keeps several Survival Frog Tact Bivvy baggage with him at his home location as a backup in case the electricity goes out or he simply wants the consolation. These bags are very sturdy, he finds, and he currently recommends them to his friends and family.

Packed Size:

If you keep in mind the miniature 7.5 oz cans of Coke, you've got a good idea of the scale of this bivy when it rolled and packed in its stuff sack. It's insanely tiny! We felt that given this item uses much a lot of material than a commonplace emergency blanket, it's miraculous that it packs down into such a small stuff sack. We have a tendency to also liked that it wasn't a chore to stuff it all the way down to size.

It folds and rolls up into the things pouch with minimal effort. The measured size of the packed bivy was concerning 2 inches wide by 4.five inches long. It would even be reasonable to throw this thing in your ultrarunning backpack for trail emergencies and unplanned bivys. You most likely will not even keep in mind it's in your pack.


For survivalists, preppers, or anyone who intends to take a trip to the wild, the Survival Frog Tact Bivvy bag is a superb sleeping bag that can set back underneath the elements while providing plenty of warmth. Rather than having to stress concerning being unsafe or at risk of being frozen by the weather, these units can permit you to sleep and rest peacefully in a nice cozy zip-up bag.


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