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Tactical Defense StrikeLight Reviews - Self Defense Tool By American Gunner! Price

Posted on May 12 2020, 10:55am

Categories: #Survival, #E-Commerce

Ever puzzled what would happen if you combined a tactical flashlight and a baton? Well, surprise no more. Here is that the Tactical Defense StrikeLight or torch whatever you like. This factor is an absolute monster of a home defense flashlight.

You could even keep it in your vehicle as a self-defense weapon. It has all the options of a tactical flashlight combined with an extendable security baton. Let's take a closer look.

Tactical Defense StrikeLight - A Complete Self Defense Tool

Combining the usefulness of a high-intensity flashlight with the protection of a stun gun, StrikeLight may be designed for convenience and protection in everyday situations. The Tactical Defense StrikeLight stun flashlight makes the perfect addition to an automobile glovebox or as a discrete self-protection tool on late-night walks across campus to category. The light's high-voltage stun each startles and repels attackers, providing added comfort and safety for your loved ones and yourself.

At a value purpose of $129.ninety nine, the Tactical Defense StrikeLight is a reasonable personal safety choice for those averting to college and keeping on you wherever you go.  Even running to our local mall these days has become a much riskier task.

More About Tactical Defense StrikeLight:

The is made from solid aircraft-grade aluminum. It's a seventeen” baton with the flexibility to increase another four” by twisting and pulling of the handle. Giving you twenty-one” of total reach. The outer edges are lined in aggressive trying divots that will increase the strike force of the weapon.

The tip of the baton is beveled thus you'll effectively jab with it and it conjointly options a window breaking pommel at the bottom of the handle and that is just the self-defense features of the Tactical Defense StrikeLight.

It's also has a blinding 500 lumen YAG bulb with 3 different brightness settings. Full power, half power, and strobe. You can use this to light an unknown area or blind and disorientate an attacker.

Tactical Defense StrikeLight Features:

  • Lightweight and sturdy engineered from aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • 17” baton with the option to extend to 21” for extra reach.
  • Beveled tip allowing for quick effective jabs.
  • Handle strap to prevent you from being disarmed easily\
  • Powerful blinding 500 lumen YAG bulb
  • 3 brightness settings full power, half power, strobe.

It comes with 3 free survival guides. (Plan B defense, 30-day survival, Wild scavenger)

The Tactical Defense StrikeLight definitely could be a serious home defense possibility. I understand a heap of individuals keep firearms for home defense, that is actually the most effective issue you can do. But it's getting more dangerous to open fire upon a home invader and not end up during a jail cell.

And the Tactical Defense StrikeLight may be a non-lethal choice, that can actually give you the advantage regardless of your physical size. The strap on the handle of the Strikelight may be a nice feature on behalf of me. Sounds silly or maybe basic however I extremely prefer it. One issue with any long baton kind weapon is the chance of your attacker grabbing it off you. This strap hooked up to your wrist will build it nearly not possible for them to use the Strikelight against you.

You can additionally extend the baton another four? in length and doing thus can not solely provide you a lot of reach in self-defense but it also focuses the light produced by the tactical flashlight. You can use this targeted light-weight to work out additional into the distance or blind an attacker that is more faraway from you.


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