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My Commission Boot Camp - Is This Money Making Formula Scam? *Must Read*

Posted on July 18 2020, 20:13pm

Categories: #BizOps

Is My Commission Boot Camp legit or a scam? That's a matter I'm going to help you answer in this article. Maybe you've run across this program online, or maybe it ended up in your inbox because it did on my behalf.

Will this weird commission set up really facilitate you create $300 - $1000 (or additional) in daily profits just like the sales video says, or is that each one hype?

I'm going to show you why you should take those numbers with a grain of salt and I'm going to show you 4 red flags to watch out for.

Let's get into it!

What is My Commission Boot Camp?

Before purchasing the My Commission Boot Camp system, you may be funneled through a number of videos. The primary one you've got in all probability received via an email or social link, explaining how you can make loads of cash. All with only fifteen-twenty minutes of work per day.

This may be a daring claim I understand, that is why I was thus skeptical.

The first video is on what's considered an 'enrollment' page. You'll be required to fill in your email address to proceed to the orientation page.

Taking a study of the first sales pitch, I'm immediately suspicious of the video testimonials. Why? Because I've seen some of these faces before promoting other products. I'll get to the current shortly, except for currently, let's undergo some of the claims in the sales video.

The apparent speaker is Daryl Gardener, a man that just happens to be lucky enough to possess stumbled onto this amazing system. He'll tell you that he's paid out other members of his program, thousands of dollars. Which these folks have simply signed up within the last number of days.

The odd factor here is how he knows when you're watching this video. It could be weeks ago that these folks were paid (not that I believe it anyway).

You'll be told he is solely accepting 45 folks into this program, and he does not wish the key exposed. You are visiting be one amongst the lucky ones if there's still a footing vacant. Lucky me, as a result of there's!

I can additionally bet that if you are trying at the sales page currently, you too will have 7 membership spots obtainable.

Inside The Members Area:

Before we tend to get into the member's space, I simply wish to mention that the advertising for My Commission Boot Camp is totally… (excuse my French) … horse shit. Here are a number of my favorite lines from the sales page.

When you study what specifically the coaching teaches below, you may understand what I mean. This isn't a secret, and the biggest “players” in the industry are absolutely NOT going to want to steal this technique. This may be a janky method to form a couple dollars by spamming affiliate links on social media sites. You aren't going to make a million bucks doing this.

In my opinion, this kind of advertising goes beyond “inventive” and is just plain deceptive. This product certainly was not limited to merely 45 “partners”. Ha! Yeah right.

Deceptive advertising is pretty common in this business, thus let's simply move past that and see if My Commission Boot Camp may be a straight-up scam or what.

How Does My Commission Boot Camp Work?

In my opinion, this type of product works like this:

  1. Get the person's money on the initial product
  2. Get even more money from upsells
  3. Get even additional money with more product offers sent via email

That's why the whole “solely seven additional individuals can get access” is B.S. Whoever is behind this wants to sell it to as many folks as doable as a result of they create additional cash that means.

By the approach, I actually have no drawback with individuals making money. That's why we're all here right? We wish to create cash on-line! And that I undoubtedly haven't any drawback with individuals creating products and selling them. It's a fantastic way to do business. As long as the product is efficacious and helpful.

Unfortunately, I assume the goal of this product is sole to form money off of individuals and not actually help them.

One Important Thing I Noticed On Some Review Posts:

Doing your analysis is the most effective manner to find legit and real programs and stay off from scams.

Nowadays several folks are writing reviews simply to push the merchandise they review. Thus those reviews are biased and the amount of unbiased reviews is very less in numbers.

When you are making your purchase decision primarily based on the reviews you browse you wish to watch out.

I'd like to tell you that I am in no approach related to My Commission Boot Camp and that I am not attempting to sell My Commission Boot Camp.

Is My Commission Boot Camp a Scam?

With thus many signs that indicate the illegitimacy of this technique, I cannot probably recommend this product to my readers. Is it a scam? Well, after reading this review, I'll let you decide. I'd be leaning more to that side of thinking.

Unrealistic wealth claims are always used to lure people into these sorts of products. The hype surrounding fast wealth is sufficient to entice anyone. Unfortunately, those who create cash on-line have done the arduous yards, we have a tendency to simply build it look straightforward. But lots of work has been done before the rewards come.

My Commission Boot Camp Alternative

Listen, if I haven't convinced you that My Commission Boot Camp is not priced $47, then opt for it. You are definitely free to try whatever you wish together with your money. And you can invariably get your cashback if you are not feeling it.

But, if you like the idea of making money through affiliate selling, however, with a lot of sturdy coaching program, then I highly advocate you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. I'm not just saying that as a result of I make a commission if you sign up. (I do if you sign up for the Premium account. But I suggest you begin with the free account initial and see if you prefer it.)

Should You Order My Commission Boot Camp?

Personally, I cannot advocate that you purchase My Commission Boot Camp. It's a low cost. It works (probably). However, the number of cash you'll be able to create isn't something like is promised within the sales video. There's just no means, in my mind, how you'll build life-changing money doing this.

Hear me out. I run several professional blogs with tens of thousands of visitors per day. I write articles, do in-depth product reviews, and communicate directly with my audience. Even then, earning commissions can be tough. Do you actually suppose you are visiting be ready to trick folks into clicking a news story regarding a dog and having them obtain a dog coaching product within the meantime? It's pretty unlikely.


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